About Dementia Dialogue

Our podcast provides people with lived experience a way to share their stories with each other and the broader community. Listeners who have dementia, care partners, and others gain insight and strengthen their adaptive skills. Episodes also help the broader community understand what it means to live with dementia and how they can support people. 

We also interview researchers, authors, advocates, health professionals, and others who are contributing to improving the lives of people with dementia. Our guests are experts in their own lived experience or in a select field relevant to the dementia experience.

Our podcast is a community-based initiative. A volunteer Editorial Board contributes by identifying topics for episodes, and potential guests and several members also serve as guest hosts. They help us in our effort to touch upon the many ways in which dementia is experienced and the diverse ways people respond and adapt.
*On our episodes page you can also download a copy of each episode transcript, as it becomes available.

Our Sponsors & Partners

The Alzheimer Society of Ontario has partnered with the Centre for Education and Research on Aging and Health (CERAH) at Lakehead University to produce and promote Dementia Dialogue.

The Centre for Education and Research on Aging and Health (CERAH) at Lakehead University provides the institutional base for Dementia Dialogue and contributes both financial, project management, and marketing assistance.
The Public Health Agency of Canada, Dementia Community Investment provides financial support for production and promotion.

We are pleased to have received financial support from partners like the Geriatric Health Systems Group at the University of Waterloo, the Centre for Personhood in Dementia at the University of British Columbia, the Ontario Brain Institute and the CCNA for specific episodes and series. Other episode and series partners helped with the promotion

If you know of an organization that may be interested in becoming a sponsor/partner please contact dementiadialogue@alzon.ca


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Our Team

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