Dementia & Spirituality Series

Dementia & Spirituality- a special podcast series

Dementia can make a person feel as though they have been abandoned. Listen to our series and learn how attending to one’s spirit can be both an antidote and a source of strength. Our series hosts are Rev. Faye Forbes ...


Arts & Dementia Series

Arts & Dementia- a special podcast series

We explore the connection between Arts & Dementia, through the various mediums and connections between people with lived experience, caregivers, and the dementia community. Episode #1: Hearts & Art Host Lisa Loiselle ...


Women & Dementia Series

Women & Dementia: a special podcast series

Women are more likely to be impacted by dementia, both as people living with a diagnosis and as care partners. While gender has largely been ignored in dementia research and support, these women’s stories illustrate the ...


Early Onset Dementia Series

Early Onset Dementia: a special podcast series

While age is still the most significant risk factor for dementia, people in their 50s and 40s (and even 30s and 20s) can also develop dementia. When symptoms of dementia start before age 65, we call it 'young onset dementia.' ...