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Our podcast often features people living with dementia, their care/life partners, and supporters sharing experiences. Through the interviews, guests demonstrate their capacity to live fully. Other episodes include conversations with researchers and advocates.

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I'm not going to die tomorrow and I'm fully capable of doing everything that I was pretty much doing before because my thought process and my memory’s gone. So I saw them (Dementia Friendly Communities) looking proactively at helping individuals with the Alzheimer's or the dementia and then helping individuals who were the primary care givers and then taking all that information out into the community and saying, “Look, this is what needs to happen. We need to change how people think about dementia. We need to have services provided for people with dementia who take a little bit more time to do things”. And that involves educating other social groups and agencies, physicians, you name it, just educating the population.

~Debbie Keay

So here's the thing, we have a culture of silence, especially in Canada. There's only a handful of people speaking openly with their condition, comparatively speaking, to how many people are living with the diagnosis or loved ones who live with this condition.

~Roger Marple

 I have recently started a journey with caring for an elderly grandparent and have found this podcast extremely helpful.  Particularly, approaching this subject with care and removing the stigma that surrounds dementia.  It is great to hear the various perspectives of panelists and center the conversations around the whole of the person (including the caregivers). 

~Janine Lightfoot

What is Dementia Dialogue?

Dementia Dialogue shares the stories of those living with dementia and their care and/or life partners. Dementia is more than being forgetful. Dementia is a very misunderstood disease. One of the best ways to challenge stigma and misunderstandings is to hear the stories of those living with this condition.



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