Early Onset-Have a Good Day, Every Day

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Early Onset-Have a Good Day,  Every Day

Early Onset-Have a Good Day, Every Day

John and Cindy McCaffrey's motto is  “Have a good day, every day”. In this episode of our Young Onset Dementia series, guest host, Kathy Hickman of the brainXchange and Alzheimer Society of Ontario talks with them about their experiences of living with and caring for someone with young-onset dementia, how they have built a sense of community and continue to maintain a positive attitude by living in the moment.

John and Cindy discuss how they took action when they couldn’t find the “right” supports for someone living with young-onset dementia by creating a program called YouQuest. YouQuest focuses on providing intentional days for people living with young onset dementia based on providing real-life experiences, all guided by its participants.


YouQuest - https://youquest.ca/

Online Support Group for care partners of people with young-onset Dementia – Contact cindy@youquest.ca

Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD) Durham Support Group - https://m.facebook.com/groups/221301621683010

The Association for Frontotemporal Dementia - https://www.theaftd.org

brainXchange, Frontotemporal Dementia Resource Page - https://brainxchange.ca/Public/Resource-Centre-Topics-A-to-Z/Dementias-Rare-forms-of-/Frontotemporal-Dementia

Alzheimer Society of Canada, Young Onset Dementia - https://alzheimer.ca/en/about-dementia/other-types-dementia/young-onset-dementia

brainXchange, Young Onset Dementia Resource Page - https://brainxchange.ca/Public/Resource-Centre-Topics-A-to-Z/Young-Onset-Dementia


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