Season 5 (Episodes 55- )


Episode 55

Dr. Mari DeMarco, Ph.D., is a researcher at the University of British Columbia concerned with how the diagnoses of neurodegenerative diseases can be improved by discovering and using biomarkers. Led a study on biomarkers. ...


Episode 56

In this second episode on biomarkers, Ann Bil, a woman living with dementia, and Kristi Winjsma, her daughter, discuss why they enrolled in the IMPACT-AD, their experience, and how they used the results from the investigation. ...


Episode 57

In part 1 of a two-part series, Lisa Loiselle speaks to Alison Phinney , PhD RN, and Lynn Jackson , RN, a person with lived experience of dementia. They work on the Building Capacity Project, a partnership between researchers at ...


Episode 58

In the second part of the Community Engagement series, we meet Andréa Monteiro, a researcher, educator, nurse, documentary filmmaker and social justice advocate. Her father lived his final years with dementia. As the community ...