Part 2 | The System Journey

The System Journey dialogue with care partners, people living with dementia and clinicians explores how people interact with select parts of the health system. The series includes conversations around cultural diversity, family relationships and communication with health professionals  as they bring to the surface the many issues needing attention. Go to our resources page on this website for supplementary information pertaining to topics covered in the podcasts. 


Episode 12

Ngozi Iroanyah recounts some of her father, Felix’s, experience with dementia, and how she as a daughter, along with her stepmother Gean and brothers Azu and Chuck, are supporting him. Ngozi shares some of her “techniques” ...


Episode 13

Ron Roberts was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease 5 years ago. Except for being told he had AD and could no longer drive, not much more information was provided to him. After doing his own research on how to maintain his health, among other ...


Episode 14

Learning what helps are available and how to use them is a major issue for people with dementia and care partners. One of the major issues in Primary Care is time. This is especially a challenge in caring for a patient with dementia. Michelle ...


Episode 15- Part 1

Rachel Hofstetter’s parents, Chris and Dorothy Quick are living with dementia. Before they moved into the same long term care home at different times, Rachel recounts some of the challenges and transitions that they experienced. These challenges ...


Episode 15- Part 2

In Part 1 we heard from Rachel about her Mom’s growing dementia and of her need to move to long term care, despite her father Chris’ reluctance. We were also introduced to Monica and Cara who work at a MINT Memory Clinic supporting families ...


Episode 16

Leanne Lawrence and Jean Daku live in rural Saskatchewan where Leanne’s mother, Marjory lived her whole life. We learn how Jean, a nurse practitioner, championed a memory clinic practice model within the Kipling Primary Care Centre and she and others ...


Episode 17

Dr. Ajantha Jayabarathan practices family medicine in Halifax NS. By adopting a shared care framework from mental health, Ajantha describes how she provides family-oriented dementia care in collaboration with other service providers. We get a glimpse of the ...


Episode 18

Jim Mann, a dementia activist from BC and Jacobi Elliott, PhD a researcher with the Geriatric Health Systems Research Group at the University of Waterloo both share a passion for improving the experience that Canadians have in our health care system. They reflect ...