Part 1 | Human Rights & Dementia

This series explores the intersection of dementia and human rights. Dementia is is captured in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities yet this is often overlooked by both Government and Civil Society. People living with dementia experience stigma and discrimination because of the condition and this is compounded by ageism and gender disparity.

We need to rethink the way our fellow citizens who have dementia live among us and how we can support them to live their lives fully. How we support each other is based on our values including how we value one another.

COVID-19 has illuminated some serious gaps in our system of care for people with dementia that need to be fixed but to fix them effectively, we need to challenge ourselves to find a stronger value base to ensure a better system.

This series explores how a human rights approach leads to stronger values on which we can renew the way we support people living with dementia.


Episode 8

This episode outlines the connection between human rights and dementia, with particular attention to the impact of COVID-19 on long term care. Mario Gregorio is a dementia activist who is a co-creator of a Canadian Charter ...


Episode 9

This second episode on Human Rights and Dementia explores issues related to the overall theme. Christine Telker is a dementia activist who is from British Columbia and is a member of Dementia Alliance International, a worldwide ...


Episode 10

In our third episode on this theme, we take a more global view of Human Rights and Dementia. Stefanie Freel is a Canadian who is a consultant with the World Health Organization and lives in The Netherlands. Stefanie outlines work ...



In our fourth episode of this series we offer a synopsis of the virtual Town Hall that we hosted on June 29, 2020. Facilitated by Jillian McConnell, of the brainXchange and Mary Beth Wighton, of Dementia Advocacy Canada, a lively ...


Episode 11

In this episode of our series on Human Rights and Dementia we listen to three women who are active in the struggle to overcome the stigma experienced by so many people with dementia that often extends to their families as well. Alisa ...